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Supplier bookings

Quotation to bookings

Your quotation created by trip compose module represents actual services ready to be booked. Export them in pdf, sharable links or just click on send button!

  • Send interactive links to supplier that supplier can respond with confirmation or rejection status
  • Batch booking by supplier & list view by supplier
  • Automatically print vouchers for your clients
  • Integration with expenses for book keeping entries
Operations - Supplier booking

Manage your travel team

Same as bookings, assignments are generated automatically, so you will know where and when you need your travel team.

  • Your travel team list such as guides, drivers, cooks...
  • Travel team availability check to avoid duplication
  • Integration with expenses, to keep track of given allowances
Trip composer - presentation screenshot
Book keeping

Keep track of your finances

Upon supplier booking confirmation you get a new expense with TO PAY status. In other words, just a simple but powerful book keeping system to keep track of how much you owe and how much you paid.

  • Expenses view per dossier or per supplier
  • Allowances given to your travel team
  • Automatically print vouchers for your clients
  • Automatically print vouchers for your clients
Trip composer - quotation screenshot

Share reservation statuses with your travel partner

If you are an outbound sales team trying to overview the hotel reservation of your client, or vice versa, checkout our partner collaboration module

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"Training and support is excellent. 5/5 starts. Trip composer, bookings & account modules give us so much clarity about our business and allow us to work efficiently as a team."

Sylvain | Detours Madagascar

Operations features

Once your quotation option is confirmed, ninepax can automatically generate bookings. You can print the bookings, send it as an pdf attachment via email with an interactive web link to your supplier. Interactive web links will allow your supplier to put their response directly to the ninepax system.

Bookings will have statuses of the following:
  • TO_BOOK - Newly generated bookings
  • AVAILABLE - in case your supplier demands deposit or other type of procedure before confirming the booking request

You can also send multiple bookings in a batch. It’s very helpful in cases such as your client staying in an accommodation on the first and last day of the tour, or if multiple tours were confirmed in the same time frame.

You can customize your booking document per supplier, changing headers or adding special notes etc.

Similar to bookings you can generate your vouchers automatically based on your selected quotation option

Key features:
  • Automatic bookings generation
  • Booking status management
  • Export to pdf or interactive web link
  • Batch booking
  • Document template per supplier
  • Voucher generation

Once your quotation option is confirmed, ninepax automatically generates team assignments required. Staff types (such as driver, guide, tour leader etc) can be configured dynamically and it works seamlessly with the quotation process, making the team assignments generation effortless.

You can manage your internal team database which also works closely with the expense feature to keep track of the allowances given during the trip (see expense feature).

During the assignment, software will warn you in case of duplicate assignments, preventing you from assigning someone who is unavailable at the moment.

Another special type of assignment is transfer assignment. Transfer assignment is generated automatically based on the client arrivals and departures and shown on a calendar view.

Key features:
  • Automatic team assignment generation
  • Assignment history per team member
  • Allowance management for team members
  • Smart assignment assistant
  • Transfer calendar

Expense section works closely with bookings & team assignments. Upon booking status changes or team assignments, ninepax can automatically generate expenses to be paid.

Most expenses will likely be your payments to your suppliers, or salary to your on field team members. but also you can keep track of the allowances given to your on field team members. On top of that, you can register expenses spent with custom recipients.

Expenses can be batched together per supplier just like a booking.

Key features:
  • Automatic expense generation based on bookings & assignments
  • Allowance expenses
  • Custom expenses
  • Batch expenses

At the end of the trip implementation, you may compare your actual expenses with the estimated quotation to detect any miscalculations. This feature will help you to improve your operations for further travel projects.

Registry for all of your suppliers will help to keep records of their general information such as contact details & internal notes. But most importantly, you can have a clear view of bookings to make or bookings history, vouchers lists & expenses to pay or already paid.

You can customize your bookings document according to a specific supplier.

Key features:
  • Library search by Supplier- related prices & services (see Trip composer)
  • Bookings by supplier
  • Expenses by supplier
  • Document template for supplier