Trip builder features

With ninepax’s practical & flexible structure, you can create itinerary presentations covering all the information your clients expect. Pricing, Accommodations, Activities, Transportations, Routes and so on. You can save all the elements (images, texts, locations, supplier prices etc) separately or as a group in the library for later use (See library section)

Real-time, collaborative, drag and drop user interface makes it easy to pull from existing libraries, customize it or create from scratch. All the changes are saved automatically and you can undo, redo what you did (like google docs), which makes the trip creator a very smooth and enjoyable tool.

You can export it to MS Word, pdf or send it as an interactive web link to your client. Branding and layouts are of course customizable.

Key features:
  • Multi language support
  • Reusable components library
  • Customizable branding & layouts
  • Customizable branding & layouts
  • Fluent user experience

Our quotation system can handle very complex situations and yet it is very simple to use. System can generate multiple options based on the following options:

  • Seasonal pricing - Define your prices differently based on seasons of the year or contracted period, day of the week, or time period that the service is unavailable.

  • Currency rate conversion - Configure your local currency and sales currency ratios

  • Conditions - Configure conditions such as rooming levels, guide languages dynamically and provide different prices for each condition, or include/exclude services based on these conditions

  • Amount variables - Dynamically configure what amount of the service items you need based on how many participants are traveling. You can get even more specific with how many adults or children, or staff type such as guide or cook

  • Duration variables - Dynamically configure how many days/times you will use the service based on total days of the trip, days of the service, total km etc.

  • Margin/Markup & supplier prices - Configure your profit method and on the quotation level also compliment it with set prices from your suppliers. Also you can configure a price for the public or your partner agency

As you create your first few quotations, you can start saving your services as a template and it will get even easier & faster for the next trips. (See library section)

User experience is very fluent and enjoyable because you can easily edit each item directly and see the overall prices change instantly. Made a mistake? Just click on cmd + z and undo. All the changes are saved automatically. It would feel like working on a google spreadsheets, but tailor-made for your travel offers.

Your bookings, assignments and expenses will be automatically generated based on your quotations. Once your offer is confirmed, all the operations will be just one click away (See operations)

Key features:
  • Multi-dimensional dynamic quotations
  • Reusable components library
  • Export to MS Excel & CSV
  • Fluent user experience

Ninepax structure is so flexible that all the components can be broken down to a single element (images, texts, locations, suppliers, routes and prices) and saved independently or grouped together to be reused again.

Presentation related libraries include
  • Images
  • PDFs other files - to be downloaded by your user
  • Texts
  • Locations
Quotation related libraries include
  • Prices
  • Quotation related configurations
  • Suppliers
You can group and mix above items into
  • Service - which can include Supplier, Prices, Texts, Images
  • Routes - transportation types, km, durations between location A to B & services available on this route
  • Day - Day or Days consisting of Text, Images, Services & Routes
  • Travel idea - Whole travel idea ready to be offered, consisting of Days, Formulas, Images & Texts
Key features include:
  • Saving element as a template from trip builder
  • Pushing overrides from trip builder to the library
  • Syncing library updates to existing trips
  • Folder structure - to easily organize library elements
  • Criteria based searches - Location, Supplier, Routes & you can define your own custom criterias

Create a reference database of your suppliers, travel agencies & stay organized

Key features:
  • Library search by Supplier- related prices & services
  • Bookings by supplier (see Operations)
  • Expenses by supplier (see Operations)
  • Document template for supplier (See operations)
  • Travel ideas & dossiers by supplier

Dossier is a feature to organize all the data related to one specific travel project. Including datas such as:
  • General info - Date, pax numbers, rooming list etc
  • Travel offers - built by the trip composer
  • Client names
  • Notes - between the team members
  • Conversations - (requires enterprise plan or TO plan) see Sales & communications
  • Invoices - (requires professional plan or TO plan) see Sales & communications
  • Operations - (requires professional plan)
See sales & communication features for more information

(Requires professional plan)

With services generated from the quotation tool, we can automatically create bookings, team assignments and expenses automatically. This makes the workflow of the DMCs and inbound agencies much more efficient. See operations

We can integrate the trip presentation & trip search section on your website. Additional charges will be charged upon integration. Contact us for more information.

Operations features

Once your quotation option is confirmed, ninepax can automatically generate bookings. You can print the bookings, send it as an pdf attachment via email with an interactive web link to your supplier. Interactive web links will allow your supplier to put their response directly to the ninepax system.

Bookings will have statuses of the following:
  • TO_BOOK - Newly generated bookings
  • AVAILABLE - in case your supplier demands deposit or other type of procedure before confirming the booking request

You can also send multiple bookings in a batch. It’s very helpful in cases such as your client staying in an accommodation on the first and last day of the tour, or if multiple tours were confirmed in the same time frame.

You can customize your booking document per supplier, changing headers or adding special notes etc.

Similar to bookings you can generate your vouchers automatically based on your selected quotation option

Key features:
  • Automatic bookings generation
  • Booking status management
  • Export to pdf or interactive web link
  • Batch booking
  • Document template per supplier
  • Voucher generation

Once your quotation option is confirmed, ninepax automatically generates team assignments required. Staff types (such as driver, guide, tour leader etc) can be configured dynamically and it works seamlessly with the quotation process, making the team assignments generation effortless.

You can manage your internal team database which also works closely with the expense feature to keep track of the allowances given during the trip (see expense feature).

During the assignment, software will warn you in case of duplicate assignments, preventing you from assigning someone who is unavailable at the moment.

Another special type of assignment is transfer assignment. Transfer assignment is generated automatically based on the client arrivals and departures and shown on a calendar view.

Key features:
  • Automatic team assignment generation
  • Assignment history per team member
  • Allowance management for team members
  • Smart assignment assistant
  • Transfer calendar

Expense section works closely with bookings & team assignments. Upon booking status changes or team assignments, ninepax can automatically generate expenses to be paid.

Most expenses will likely be your payments to your suppliers, or salary to your on field team members. but also you can keep track of the allowances given to your on field team members. On top of that, you can register expenses spent with custom recipients.

Expenses can be batched together per supplier just like a booking.

Key features:
  • Automatic expense generation based on bookings & assignments
  • Allowance expenses
  • Custom expenses
  • Batch expenses

At the end of the trip implementation, you may compare your actual expenses with the estimated quotation to detect any miscalculations. This feature will help you to improve your operations for further travel projects.

Registry for all of your suppliers will help to keep records of their general information such as contact details & internal notes. But most importantly, you can have a clear view of bookings to make or bookings history, vouchers lists & expenses to pay or already paid.

You can customize your bookings document according to a specific supplier.

Key features:
  • Library search by Supplier- related prices & services (see Trip composer)
  • Bookings by supplier
  • Expenses by supplier
  • Document template for supplier

Sales & communications features

Ninepax integrates with your existing email system non intrusively. That means you can use the ninepax email system and keep your favorite email system such as gmail or outlook at the same time.

Shared team inbox will allow everyone in your team to have access to all the conversations. If the main sales manager is unavailable, anyone can reply on behalf of that manager, without confusing the clients. Messages are grouped automatically to a belonging dossier, making it easier to have all the sales related information under one location.

You can leverage predefined email templates & integrated mail notifications to reply faster or notify customers. Such as when you offer a tour option or invoicing a client, your email notification will be just one click away.

Key features:
  • Non intrusive email integration
  • Shared inbox
  • Predefined email templates
  • Event based email notifications

With the tracking feature, you will always know whether your email has been delivered or failed, opened, clicked or not. Based on the tracking status, you will have a better guess if your message landed in a spam folder, or the client simply did not reply to your message.

With follow-up feature you can have sent folders categorized such as:need to follow up, followed up, closed win and closed loss. You can set up dynamic rules for when to follow up along with template messages to send automatically.

Key features
  • Mail delivery tracking
  • Stage based foldering
  • Dynamic follow up rules
  • Automatic follow up reminder

Dossiers are created per client (or clients traveling together) and keeps all the relevant data under single place:
  • General information: Arrival date, pax number, rooming list, status etc
  • Invoices & payments
  • Insurance information
  • Travelers’ personal data list
  • Notes
  • Mail conversations
  • Attachment files
  • Tour offers
  • Operational informations: Bookings, assignments and expenses
Key features:
  • Automatic creation via web request or email
  • Automatic status change upon payments
  • Sharing with clients or partners via web link.
  • Group dossier management

Just leaving a message for future references or notifying specific team members with @ mention inside a dossier is a simple, yet very powerful tool.

We have many automatic system notifications for managers such as a new dossier request, invoice payments, mail arrivals, follow up reminders, client chose a tour offer etc…

Key features
  • Mentioning a team member on note
  • Automatic system notifications

Invoices can have detailed list of services included, multiple steps of payment, configurable layout & texts and online payment integration

Currency forward integration is also available to help you hedge from currency fluctuations between selling currency and local currency.

Key features:
  • Configurable layouts (e.g different headers)
  • Multi language support
  • Detailed service price list
  • Multi step payment: (e.g down payment, balance or more)
  • Online payment integration
  • Currency forward integration

You can share the dossier to your client or partner via an interactive link which has the following information & functions:
  • General information: Arrival date, pax number, rooming list, status etc which can be edited by your client
  • Invoices & payments: which can be paid online
  • Insurance information: which can be added or modified by your client
  • Travelers’ personal data list: which can be added or modified by your client
  • Attachment files: Which can be downloaded or uploaded by your client
  • Tour offers: which can be reviewed and confirmed by your client
  • Bookings & operations information: which can reviewed by your client

You can bind your website form directly with ninepax request API and upon client requests, a dossier will be automatically created and start the whole workflow.

Request API also works with emails directly, which means you can configure your [email protected] to create dossiers automatically upon receiving emails.

Key features:
  • Dossier creation via web form
  • Dossier creation via email
  • Notification to the sales manager
  • Configurable automatic client emails: e.g a thank you email, with further instructions

Partner collaboration features

Operational companies can share their trip itinerary to the sales company. This would enable the sales company to directly modify changes according to the customer needs without depending on the operational team response.

Operational team can share a folder with template itineraries to the sales team, which is dedicated to a single sales team - preventing collisions between different sales companies.

Operational team can give access to their library, so that the sales team can choose from those services in their quotation

Operational team can mask their contracted supplier service prices from the sales team and configure a margin. Sales team will see the final quotation price with the configured margin applied, without seeing the contracted supplier prices.

Key features:
  • Sharing travel ideas by folder
  • Giving library access with read only permission
  • Masking contracted prices
  • Configuring quotation margin per sales partner

Dossiers are shared automatically from the sales team to the operations team upon confirmation(usually with the first deposit payment from the client), however it can be shared prior to confirmation in order to respond to client’s request. The following data can be shared individually or combined:
  • Invoices & payments
  • Insurance information
  • Travelers’ personal data list
  • Notes
  • Mail conversations
  • Attachment files
  • Tour offers

Operations team can share the process of their bookings & assignment, enabling sales team to oversee the process and dispatch the information if necessary

Key features:
  • Share requested & reserved bookings
  • Share on-field and transfer team assignments

Teams can share messages or leave notes inside a dossier to the other team.

Key features:
  • Leave notes between teams
  • Mention across teams

Teams can benefit from the ninepax network by promoting their group tours & travel ideas.

Key features:
  • Co-fill group tours
  • Published travel ideas for potential new partnerships