Sales & Communications

CRM optimized for closing more tour sales faster, guiding you through all the process from client enquiry to invoicing

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Team inbox

Centralized communications

Fully shared team inbox for client and partner conversations with actions dedicated to selling tours.

  • Email tracking & customizable follow up
  • Predefined email templates
  • Non-intrusive mail integration
Travel sales and communications - mail inbox screenshot

Everything about one specific dossier

Your client’s enquiry details, offered tour proposals, invoices, notes, conversations all kept in one place for easy access.

  • Send your offers with trip compose module
  • Interact with your clients through tourist space
  • Send invoices & recieve payments online (add-on)
Travel sales and communications - trip dossier screenshot
Website integration

Publish and receive

Publish your travel ideas and receive enquiries by integrating with your existing website or build a website from scratch with us.

  • Trip details & advanced trip search pages through Trip composer API
  • Automatic dossier creation through Dossier API
  • Tourist space under your domain name.
Travel sales and communications - publish trip screenshot
Tourist space

Interact with your clients

Share a link & let your clients take actions. Clients can choose from your proposals, upload files, enter participant details and so on

  • Clear steps from enquiry to payment all in one place for your client
  • Customize with your branding & domain name
  • Mobile, tablet, desktop... all device friendly
Travel sales and communications - client screenshot

From quotation to operations with one click

Once your travel itinerary is accepted and confirmed, you can start your operations such as hotel bookings or see expected expenses right away.

Lear more about Operationsarrow

Compose & quote in seconds

Do you want to integrate with your existing CMS or develop a brand new webiste?


Organize everything in one place

You have access to everything related to one specific sales process (conversations, invoices, passenger list, tour proposals), internal notes, notifications, history and operations (supplier bookings, expenses) in one place.


Non-intrusive mail integration

You can keep using your favirote email app (like gmail or outlook) without any intrusion from ninepax. Ninepax keeps a separate copy of the conversations and links them to the corresponding dossier in the background.


Streamline your workflow

Receiving request, offering tour proposals, tracking emails & following up, invoicing, exchanging files with clients - all can be streamlined into a one clearly defined workflow your team can easily manage.

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"Ninepax is now an integral part of our work. We love the product. I'm in charge of handling new customer enquiries and ninepax allows me to reply to our customers with very detailed itinerary options and take actions to close more sales."

Cyrille | Seripheap Cambodge

Sales and communications features

Ninepax integrates with your existing email system non intrusively. That means you can use the ninepax email system and keep your favorite email system such as gmail or outlook at the same time.

Shared team inbox will allow everyone in your team to have access to all the conversations. If the main sales manager is unavailable, anyone can reply on behalf of that manager, without confusing the clients. Messages are grouped automatically to a belonging dossier, making it easier to have all the sales related information under one location.

You can leverage predefined email templates & integrated mail notifications to reply faster or notify customers. Such as when you offer a tour option or invoicing a client, your email notification will be just one click away.

Key features:
  • Non intrusive email integration
  • Shared inbox
  • Predefined email templates
  • Event based email notifications

With the tracking feature, you will always know whether your email has been delivered or failed, opened, clicked or not. Based on the tracking status, you will have a better guess if your message landed in a spam folder, or the client simply did not reply to your message.

With follow-up feature you can have sent folders categorized such as:need to follow up, followed up, closed win and closed loss. You can set up dynamic rules for when to follow up along with template messages to send automatically.

Key features
  • Mail delivery tracking
  • Stage based foldering
  • Dynamic follow up rules
  • Automatic follow up reminder

Dossiers are created per client (or clients traveling together) and keeps all the relevant data under single place:
  • General information: Arrival date, pax number, rooming list, status etc
  • Invoices & payments
  • Insurance information
  • Travelers’ personal data list
  • Notes
  • Mail conversations
  • Attachment files
  • Tour offers
  • Operational informations: Bookings, assignments and expenses
Key features:
  • Automatic creation via web request or email
  • Automatic status change upon payments
  • Sharing with clients or partners via web link.
  • Group dossier management

Just leaving a message for future references or notifying specific team members with @ mention inside a dossier is a simple, yet very powerful tool.

We have many automatic system notifications for managers such as a new dossier request, invoice payments, mail arrivals, follow up reminders, client chose a tour offer etc…

Key features
  • Mentioning a team member on note
  • Automatic system notifications

Invoices can have detailed list of services included, multiple steps of payment, configurable layout & texts and online payment integration

Currency forward integration is also available to help you hedge from currency fluctuations between selling currency and local currency.

Key features:
  • Configurable layouts (e.g different headers)
  • Multi language support
  • Detailed service price list
  • Multi step payment: (e.g down payment, balance or more)
  • Online payment integration
  • Currency forward integration

You can share the dossier to your client or partner via an interactive link which has the following information & functions:
  • General information: Arrival date, pax number, rooming list, status etc which can be edited by your client
  • Invoices & payments: which can be paid online
  • Insurance information: which can be added or modified by your client
  • Travelers’ personal data list: which can be added or modified by your client
  • Attachment files: Which can be downloaded or uploaded by your client
  • Tour offers: which can be reviewed and confirmed by your client
  • Bookings & operations information: which can reviewed by your client

You can bind your website form directly with ninepax request API and upon client requests, a dossier will be automatically created and start the whole workflow.

Request API also works with emails directly, which means you can configure your [email protected] to create dossiers automatically upon receiving emails.

Key features:
  • Dossier creation via web form
  • Dossier creation via email
  • Notification to the sales manager
  • Configurable automatic client emails: e.g a thank you email, with further instructions