Partner collaborations

Better way to collaborate with your business partners

Sales team

Tour operators, travel agencies... - team focusing on outbound travel sales & communicating with clients


Operations team

DMCs, DMOs... - team responsible for receiving clients in the destination, managing logistics and implementing tours

Whether you’re a group company serving multiple destinations or small to medium sized operator collaborating with multiple DMCs we can help you channel your sales to operations

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Dossier collaboration

Separate teams, same knowledge

Sales team can share conversation history, attached files, participant lists... so the operations team has a full picture to take necessary actions.

Operations team can share the logistical process such as bookings or assignments... so that sales team can oversee the process and/or answer client’s question easily.

Both teams can leave each other notes, or write messages inside the belonging dossier, making it easier to stay organized.

Travel partner collaboration - share dossier screenshot
Composer collaboration

Respond directly without waiting

Usually operations team is the itinerary expert, but for simple enquiries sales team should be able to create or customize itinerary directly and quote the clients without depending on operations team.

In case of separate companies, the DMC can hide price details from the sales agency. Sales agency will only look at the final quotation.

  • Your travel team list such as guides, drivers, cooks...
  • Travel team availability check to avoid duplication
  • Integration with expenses, to keep track of given allowances
Travel partner collaboration - respond directly screenshot

Fill your group tours faster

Are you looking for sales partners to co-fill your group tours?

Do you want to share your travel ideas with other agencies?

Connect to ninepax community marketplace for more exposure and potential partnerships.

Travel partner collaboration - co-fill group tours screenshot

Do you need a better way of communication?

Does any of the problems sound familiar?


Workflow bottleneck

Can the sales team dispatch the client request easily to the operations team effortlessly?


Slow response

Can the sales team customize a travel itinerary and provide a new quotation quickly?


Lack of shared context

Can the operations team access client conversations and understand the context easilty?

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"Our job is to help our customers realize the travel of their dream by collaborating with local travel experts. Ninepax allows us to collaborate efficiently with our local experts to achieve that goal through their awesome solutions. "

Sylvain | Nomadays

Collaborations features

Operational companies can share their trip itinerary to the sales company. This would enable the sales company to directly modify changes according to the customer needs without depending on the operational team response.

Operational team can share a folder with template itineraries to the sales team, which is dedicated to a single sales team - preventing collisions between different sales companies.

Operational team can give access to their library, so that the sales team can choose from those services in their quotation

Operational team can mask their contracted supplier service prices from the sales team and configure a margin. Sales team will see the final quotation price with the configured margin applied, without seeing the contracted supplier prices.

Key features:
  • Sharing travel ideas by folder
  • Giving library access with read only permission
  • Masking contracted prices
  • Configuring quotation margin per sales partner

Dossiers are shared automatically from the sales team to the operations team upon confirmation(usually with the first deposit payment from the client), however it can be shared prior to confirmation in order to respond to client’s request. The following data can be shared individually or combined:
  • Invoices & payments
  • Insurance information
  • Travelers’ personal data list
  • Notes
  • Mail conversations
  • Attachment files
  • Tour offers

Operations team can share the process of their bookings & assignment, enabling sales team to oversee the process and dispatch the information if necessary

Key features:
  • Share requested & reserved bookings
  • Share on-field and transfer team assignments

Teams can share messages or leave notes inside a dossier to the other team.

Key features:
  • Leave notes between teams
  • Mention across teams

Teams can benefit from the ninepax network by promoting their group tours & travel ideas.

Key features:
  • Co-fill group tours
  • Published travel ideas for potential new partnerships